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‘Male sterilization’: a grossly underestimated form of contraception

In a few days, it will be World Contraception Day on September 26. The Shanghai Municipal Health Commission (2020) stated that common and safe methods of contraception include condoms, male ligation, female ligation, intrauterine devices, subcutaneous implants, and short-acting contraceptives. It seems that I often hear stories from people around me that a woman has undergone contraceptive […]

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What pitfalls should you avoid when working women are pregnant?

After getting married, women in the system usually put the plan to conceive a baby on the agenda. With the arrival of the second child wave, many women in the system also consider having a second child. So what should working women pay attention to after pregnancy, and what pits should they avoid? 01. Don’t […]

Daily diet plan for 7-8 month old babies

By the 8th month, the baby already has the ability to chew, and the tongue also has the function of stirring food, but this month the baby should still focus on milk, supplemented by complementary food, the frequency of breastfeeding should be reduced, the frequency of complementary food should be increased, and the total milk […]

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